The Hinman Murder

“Bruce drove and just dropped us off,” said Mary Brunner. “We decided that Sadie and I would go to the house and if Gary was there alone, we’d signal at the window. We were going to ask Gary for some money — for $3,000 or $30,000 — I’m not sure how much. “Bobby asked Gary for the money, and Gary said he didn’t have any. Bobby said we weren’t kidding and pulled out the gun and there was a fight.”

Bobby Beausoleil

Mary Brunner

Susan Atkins

Gary Hinman's kitchen

Signs of a struggle in the kitchen

Charles Manson

Bruce Davis

Sword used by Charles Manson to slash Gary Hinman's face

Front end of Gary Hinman's Fiat

Rear end of Gary Hinman's Fiat

The mexican made bowie knife that Bobby Beausoleil used to stab Gary Hinman to death on Sunday, July 27, 1969. Beausoleil was arrested a week and a half later, in one of Hinman’s car, where the knife was found hidden in the wheel well.

Trial Mannequin of Gary Hinman used to show wounds inflicted by Charles Manson (ear) and Bobby Beausoleil (chest).

On Thursday, July 31, 1969, authorities received a report of a possible homicide at 964 Old Topanga Canyon Rd. The two-story house was located atop a hillside slightly set back from the road. Inside, police found the body of Gary Hinman, and on the wall printed in his blood were the words Political Piggy

Authorities found Gary Hinman's prayer beads on the floor next to his body

Gary Hinman's VW Microbus

Gary Hinman's VW Microbus

Driver's side of Gary Hinman's VW Microbus

Interior of Gary Hinman's VW Microbus

Rear of Gary Hinman's VW Microbus