The Manson family and their crimes raise many sociological questions? With the varying stories and the many people involved, questions like why were these murders committed? don't always yield clear answers. There are a number of motives, some believable and others with little or no evidence to back them up. Was there one true motive? Or were the murders the result of a combination of events? Who knows? Everyone seems to have his or her own theory.

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Helter Skelter Motive

The Helter Skelter motive is definitely a bizarre story and very hard to believe. While many reject it as a motive for the murders, no one can deny that Helter Skelter was something that the family talked about, a lot. There is loads of testimony from various family members that confirmed Manson talked about it constantly.

Susan remembered, "Charlie obtained The Beatles' so-called White Album in late 1968. It had a tremendous impact on our lives, especially Charlie's. One night when many of us were playing records and listening to the album, Charlie said, "They're speaking to me."

"Charlie was preaching constantly about the end of the world and the need to flee into the country, specifically the desert."

Watson also recollected, "It was violent death, physical death that he meant when he told us that death was beautiful, because it was the thing people feared the most. Yet, he said, death was nothing but an illusion in the mind anyway, so killing a human being was merely destroying a fantasy. He kept repeating that the spirit, the soul, can never be killed; it is one and eternal - the illusion of physical death merely opens the resistant spirit to realization of its essential oneness with all that is."

Did Manson and the family really believe in Helter Skelter? And was it the actual motive behind the murders? Who knows? Nonetheless, this was the motive presented at the trial and this is the motive that the convictions were based on.

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